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August 2nd, 2011

Onepager Launches Revised Site Editor

We’re really excited to release our brand new site editor today. We’ve been working on it for several weeks and we think it solves many of the usability issues the last version had, but we didn’t have time to fix up before launching. This new version sets us up nicely for future enhancements we’re planning to bring your way soon.

Here’s a list of the changes:

Content Modules

The Content tab has been totally reworked to be more icon-based than the previous text/checkbox method. This change has given us a good deal more space in that tab and it looks way better.


We’ve pulled themes out into their own tab instead of holding them in the Style tab. This gives us more real estate to have thumbnails for each theme and to include more of them. You can also keep any custom settings you may have set within the Custom theme. This makes it easier to flip around to other themes and get back to what you originally had.

You’ll also notice that we have seven new themes to choose from! Two are more simple (Basic Light and Basic Dark) while the five others bring a little more character. Splinter is a theme that features some wood planks in the background, which happen to be from our very own office floor. Keep that a secret!


The style tab has been reworked to be clearer in its functionality. Instead of breaking color and image into separate interfaces for the background, now they are one and it’s much more simple. We’ve also refined our list of fonts and have them grouped by type (san serif, serif, slab serif, script).

When you add a content module, a button indicates you can add content, instead of having the dummy text we did before. When adding content, you can commit your changes by hitting “Done” or discard them by hitting “Cancel”. Also, in the About module, you can now bold, italicize, and link words with the WYSIWYG editor. We’re using markdown, so managing all of those is very easy.

You’ll also see a bunch of other user experience improvements from animations to how you enter your company name and logo.

Social Media

You can now also add links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp pages. Each social media link appears as a nice icon. We’ll have more social media integration soon, but this will get everyone started!

That covers the major user-facing enhancements we’ve made. There has also been a lot of under-the-hood changes that you won’t see, but make the site a good deal faster. We’re working on a bunch of other important things now, but as always, we’d love to hear your feedback by emailing us at hi [at] Thanks!